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Nurse Consulting

Are you facing a crisis? Our nurse consultants offer advice and help you navigate any medical need for you or a family member. We talk directly with your doctors, offering patient advocacy, care coordination, and end-of-life planning support.

Personalized Crisis Management 

Tailored case and situational management to support your unique family situation. 

Expert Advice

Our leadership team has over 15 years of experience in managing crises. Medical jargon and our healthcare can be a maze - combined with the emotional stress of crisis. 

Access to Resources 
& Tools

With our expertise, we provide resources and tools that assist with decision-making and can help you save time and money during a crisis. 

Patient Advocacy 

Navigating the complexities of healthcare can be daunting, which is why patient advocacy is essential. We work directly with your health team and advocate for you or your loved one, allowing you to make informed decisions and receive the best care possible.

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"Shani’s services have helped our family immensely. Since I live 700 miles away and only get to Steamboat every other month, Shani is our “eyes and ears.” She takes wonderful care of my 90-year-old mother. She checks my mother out physically from head to toe twice weekly, applies lotion to her dry skin every visit, walks her to provide some physical therapy, and so forth. She even took my mom to the doctor for me when I couldn’t. Now that we have hired Shani, I truly have peace of mind."

- Katrina, Daughter Of Blue Skies Client

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